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About us

MWA Risk and Safety Management (Risk & Safety Consulting Group) provide a comprehensive Safety consulting service to clients within the Australian and Asian Corporate sectors.

The Directors and Consultants combine extensive backgrounds in Australian and International Security training with both Government and Private, Law Enforcement and Security/Safety Corporate Sector experience. This provides over ninety years of consolidated experience, in operational Security & Safety management positions. The director’s expertise continues to be recognised by their peers with election to the Committees and Executives of the recognised Regional Security Industry professional bodies, and by ongoing requests to present specialist industry papers at national and international conferences.

The Service

The MWA Risk and Safety Management team have demonstrated expertise in the development of Corporate Strategic Management Plans, Risk, Safety and Security Analysis, System Design, Safety & Security Training, and the development of Contingency plans. They have a special expertise in the identification of cost effective solutions and optimising resource allocation.

The client base includes the Australian and Asian Corporate Sectors, for the provision of personalised Security and Safety solutions for a diverse range of Commercial and Government enterprises. The client experience includes the development and implementation of Corporate Security Policy, Management Plans, and System Design, developed from detailed and comprehensive risk analyses.

The Approach

The preferred approach to projects undertaken utilises the widest range of analysis methodology currently in use. With specific compliance with Australian Standard, AS/NZS 4360:1999 Risk Management Standard, compliance programmes AS/NZS 3806:1998, and where appropriate, is either qualitative or quantitative according to specific identified requirements.

The MWA project team believes in a partnering philosophy with their clients, which ensures that corporate objectives remain in clear focus during the conduct of projects.

The Commitment

The team is committed to providing independent cost effective solutions, with a broad range of options and recommendations. This is complemented by their commitment to confidentiality, security of documentation, and the maintenance of professional standards and strict compliance with Government and Industry licensing requirements.